Meet the Fellas

Richy Scally, AKA the Sultan of Swing! Also known as The Triple Threat, Richy is pretty much amazing at everything, from guitar playing to DJ'ing to being one of the most swingingest swing dancers out there! More often then not you will see him out and about in Tampa/St. Pete dancing it up! If you see him say hello!

Josh Paul, AKA your grandma's best friend. Josh is the kind of musician that can play everyone's instruments in the band better than they can. Yeah, he's that good. He's a drummer by trade but give him anything that makes noise and he'll show you how it works. He had a lizard once. ONCE! As you can see by the picture... he ate it.

Mike Daley, AKA his own wing-man. Mike may be the shortest member of the band, but he plays the biggest instrument. He is really cool.... just ask him and he'll tell you all about it. Mike is usually the highest person in the band, but that's because he's a pilot for United Airlines. When not at home he's probably flying. If you see him say hello!

Ryan Arsenault, AKA Ol' Pumpernickel. Ryan is the newest member of the group, having joined in 2021, but he's been tickling the ivories since he was a kid. If you see him say hello!

Our Story

"If Spade Cooley were to rise from the grave and assemble a flannel-clad Western Swing band, I imagine it would sound a lot like 6 Volt Rodeo. The group is a dance-inducing bunch with a generous side of jazz and rockabilly on their plate." - Creative Loafing Tampa

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, 6 Volt Rodeo has been painting the towns of Western Florida since 2010. From local bars and breweries to festivals and swing dances, 6 Volt Rodeo's rousing brand of Western Swing propels people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. 

Clearwater, you might think, is hardly the place to find Texas-style swingin' sounds. The humid climate and lazy beaches are more conducive to incubating Jimmy Buffett fans rather than Jimmy Bryant fans. But it just so happened that in 2010 four American roots musicians from the Tampa area were fast becoming aficionados of the hot jazz and fiddle tune fusion found in 1930s and 1940s Western Swing. A jam session among friends resulted in the band's enthusiastic formation that year.

With jazz at their core, 6 Volt Rodeo strove to balance the zaniness of Bob Wills and Speedy West's Western Swing with the refined jazz sounds of the King Cole Trio and the Benny Goodman Sextet. But the band didn't abandon its rockabilly and jump blues roots, and instead continued to embrace the sounds of early Sun and King records hillbilly and rock n' roll artists, as well as the classic honky-tonk sounds of 1950s and 1960s legends such as Buck Owens and Ernest Tubb.

Some changes in the band's lineup in 2013 and 2021 resulted in a dynamic new sound for 6 Volt Rodeo, a band with no limits to its already eclectic repertoire. Added were the sounds of Dixieland and gypsy jazz, Cajun two-step, and even Mexican mariachi music, making 6 Volt Rodeo one of the most exciting and unique acts to see in the Tampa area. Whether it's a bar, swing dance, festival or private party, 6 Volt Rodeo is sure to get the audiences spinning their partners and romping on the dance floor all night!

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