If Spade Cooley were to rise from the grave and assemble a four-piece flannel-clad Western Swing band, one would imagine a sound a lot like 6 Volt Rodeo. The fellas are a dance-inducing bunch with a generous side of jazz and rockabilly on their plate, painting the towns of western Florida since 2010. From local bars and craft breweries to day-long festivals and swing dances all around West Central Florida, the music of 6 Volt Rodeo has sent hundreds of people out of their chairs and up on the dance floor with their rousing brand of Western Swing. https://www.facebook.com/6VoltRodeo/

Texas honky-tonks and Oklahoma blues bars were where Royce Reed honed his piano chops on boogie-woogie, blues shuffles, western swing, classic country, and southern rock. Starting with classical piano at the age of 5, to lessons with jazz pianist Jac Murphy as a teen, he was gigging by the tender age of 14 in Dallas blues bars and country honky-tonks. For 50 years he’s played the piano blues, country, swing, rockabilly, & soul music of the South. https://8tothebarroyce.com/