Rockabilly Battle Royale!

The Crowbar, 1812 N 17th St, Ybor City, Florida 33605

A night of free for all rockabilly mayhem featuring members of the best Tampa Bay rockabilly bands pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred, name out of a hat, musical chairs style jam where impromptu bands are formed with each other’s members.

With members of the: The Cadillac Bombers The WildTones Kodachrome The Sara Rose Band Little Sheba and the Shamans 6 Volt Rodeo Kevin K Band and more!!

Hosted by Twisty Chris of Twisty Chris and the Puddin' Packs!

7pm $10


The makeshift bands will still be covering an artist of their choice and playing some rockabilly, but this year they are not bound by genre in the artist that they choose. So come hear songs by Blondie, The Ramones, Etta James, Eddie Bond, Slade, and the New York Dolls done up in a rockabilly style! We’re gettin’ strange here people!