Headlining sets from top-tier international rockabilly/roots musician plus a cavalcade of local luminaries in ad hoc one-off group paying tribute, rockabilly-style, to musical titans.

Winner of the 2020 Ameripolitan Rockabilly Male Of The Year award, the Montreal maniac known as Bloodshot Bill is “like Roy Orbison with a head injury”, or so says director John Waters. Sometimes solo, sometimes with band, he’s released a ton of music over the last 20 years. https://www.bloodshotbill.com/

Bringing his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and ‘50s inspired rock ‘n’ roll, Jittery Jack has headlined Viva Las Vegas numerous times and has toured internationally headlining many festivals including UK’s the Rockabilly Rave and Australia’s Camperdown Cruise. Alongside Jack is the “Rockin’ Guitar Gal” Amy Griffin, one of the roots/Americana/rockabilly scene’s premiere guitarists. She has played stages all over the world, including The Conan O’Brien Show and HBO’s Reverb.



Deke Dickerson has devoted his long career to keeping America’s roots music alive while interjecting new creativity into genres of music that flourished in decades previous. He’s been carrying the torch since he was 13, playing in his first rockabilly band in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 22 and proceeded to found his primary band, Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics, his newest group, Deke Dickerson and the Whippersnappers, as well as several side projects. Dickerson has provided rootsy music for a slew of television shows and movie projects, including scoring the music for a Paramount Pictures film starring Johnny Knoxville, Action Point. https://dekedickerson.com/

The tributes:

“as” Sister Rosetta Thorpe . . .

Ari Kelly & Paul Mallett (Little Sheba & The Shamans)

Michael Hoag (Cottondale Swamp/Cadillac Cowboys)

Amy Griffin (from Boston, Jittery Jack & Miss Amy)

Richy Scally (Six Volt Rodeo)

“as” Joe Clay . . .

Tim Mercury (High Fly Dreamers)

Josh Minucci (Jenu Six Trio, more)

Eddie Rion (from NY, Lara Hope & The ArkTones)

Jeremy Boniello (from NY, Lara Hope & The ArkTones)

“as” Tommy James & the Shondells . . .

Chris Pack (Twisty Chris & The Puddin’ Packs)

Robyn Alleman Pack (Holey Miss Moley)

Nick Terzuoli (Stedfast)

Paul Serna also (Twisty Chris & The Puddin’ Packs)

Charlie Vegas (Charlie Vegas Trio)

“as” Charlie Feathers . . .

Kevin Patey (AKA Jittery Jack, from Boston)

Ryan Arsenault (Six Volt Rodeo, Vodkanauts)

Casey Wisenbaker (guitar picker extraordinaire)

Mike Daley (Six Volt Rodeo, Sarge and the Aeromen)

Deke Dickerson (Deke & The EccoFonics, Deke & The Whippersnappers)

Tim Masters (tentative, Midnight Bowlers League)

“as” Prince . . .

Shirell Essix (solo artist)

Bear Cannon (Six Volt Rodeo)

David Ballarini (Hot Rod Hornets)

Elise Van Wolfe (solo artist)

Mark Hannah (Skinny McGee & His Mayhem Makers

Johnny Zoom (Johnny Zoom HiFi Show, Little Sheba & The Shamans)

“as” Benny Joy . . .

Lara Hope (from NY, Lara Hope & The ArkTones)

Matt Goldpaugh (from NY, Lara Hope & The ArkTones)

Joe Van Horn (Little Sheba & Shamans)

Bloodshot Bill (from Montreal, solo artist)

Online advance ticket sales end at midnight the night before the show. Day-of online ticket sales end at 3pm on show day. Walk-up tickets sales begin 30 minutes before doors.